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Vietnamese Keyboard

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Vietnamese Keyboard
Vietnamese Keyboard for Windows Mobile. Vietnamese Keyboard is a Tools app from

App Name: Vietnamese Keyboard
Price: Free
Downloads: 1,344
Last update: May 12, 2010
Size: 618 KB
System Requirements: 600 Kb available RAM
Category: Tools Apps
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Vietnamese Keyboard

Vietnamese Keyboard: Review from DownloadAtoZ

The first keyboard for Vietnamese, stable and fast

Vietnamese Keyboard is the first keyboard for Vietnamese to singles input Vietnamese. This is the most useful keyboard released for Vietnamese users typing on Windows Mobile.

  • Stable and fast
  • Simple to install
  • Support all combined keys
  • Pocket PC 2002 and above are not supported


Vietnamese Keyboard allows three methods to capture Vietnamese. Natural method is very involved for foreigners who teach. And the TELEX is very friendly method for typing Vietnamese computer for North Vietnam. Plus the third method NAV is very useful for typing Vietnamese IT in South Vietnam.

The two versions of Vietnamese Keyboard version 3.3 provide different users with better compatibility. The first one supports both QVGA and VGA resolution, and it chooses the right keyboard automatically. The second one supports for Pocket PC with VGA ONLY. You will know exactly what different through images in action.

Operating System

  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 (SE)
  • Windows Mobile 5.0.


In conclusion, Vietnamese Keyboard is the most famous software for users who have to type in Vietnamese all round the world. Though you need install some Vietnamese Unicode so that it will correctly display characters on Pocket PC, Vietnamese Keyboard is innovative keyboard with rich settings menu and unique functions. It is a good deal to own it.

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Vietnamese Keyboard

Vietnamese Keyboard: Overview from

A SIP Keyboard for Vietnamese input on every Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 (SE) and Windows Mobile 5.0

is the first Vietnamese keyboard that people use for Vietnamese input singles Vietnam, stable fast, and indeed support two Vietnamese Unicode standards and three methods of typing Vietnamese. This is the most famous software for users who use Vietnamese in the WORLD


  • The standard size keyboard SIP after recommending "Manual for software applications - Microsoft Corp.
  • Layout is very compatible keyboards for entering Vietnam, and friendly to all types of uses
  • Drop your mark in Vietnamese exactly. No spelling errors
  • Includes features gestures help typing faster with the pen-based (like standard keyboard
  • Support all combined keys CTRL + A, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + Q ... like a real keyboard
  • Small, simple, stable, fast and effective.
  • And almost Vietnamese in Vietnam use the keyboard with your Pocket PC

Support two Vietnamese Unicode standards

  • TCVN 6909:2001 (Pre-Composed Unicode
  • Microsoft (Composite Unicode

Assistance of three methods capture Vietnamese

  • Natural method - very involved for foreigners who teaches Vietnamese
  • TELEX - very friendly method for typing Vietnamese computer (North Vietnam
  • NAV - very friendly method for typing Vietnamese IT (South Vietnam

There are two versions of the Vietnamese Keyboard version 3.3

  • The first supports QVGA and VGA resolution, and it automatically chooses the keyboard in question belong to the Department of Public Information: If Hi-CIO, the keyboard is large (480x160), and vice versa
  • The second supports Pocket PC VGA. You are still using the large keyboard both real and VGA VGA emulation (this is only in Pocket PC with VGA resolution LCD). You'll know exactly what the different between the two versions through images for this product in action

Requirement and consistent

  • Each runsWindows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 (SE) and Windows Mobile 5.0. Previous versions (Pocket PC 2002 and above) are not supported
  • You must install some Vietnamese to display Unicode characters correctly on Pocket PC


Some images of the products in action

QVGA layout for Natural input method

QVGA layout for TELEX & VNI input method

VGA layout for Natural input method

Layout & VGA TELEX VNI input method

QVGA keyboard in action

Keyboard VGA in action

Real VGA resolution (portrait) with standard keyboard

Real VGA resolution (portrait) in action

Real VGA resolution (Landscape) in action

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Vietnamese Keyboard


Vietnamese Keyboard: Questions & Answers

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